DIY Stone/Pebble Art

Stones collected during travel(before Covid hit us) from different beaches of Portugal and  gifted by a friend.Quarantine time put to good use.Step 1 - Find the Perfect stones for your Art.Step 2 - Stick the stones using super glue.Step 3 - Paint the minion colour clothes and weird laughing face.And Voila!! Your sunday craft is... Continue Reading →

DIY Tealight Candle Holder from Coconut Shell

What you need:- Coconut shellMulti Color Decorative Pebbles/StonesGlueColorAnd yes a Tealight Candle Steps to follow:- First you need polish the coconut shell for that you can rub it with sand paper.Now paint it and let it dry.After that we need to glue the tiny colourful pebbles to our coconut shell.Now let it dry.Tadda!!!! Our Diy... Continue Reading →

What you need: Popsicle Sticks/ Ice Cream SticksGlueColors Steps to Follow: Glue the Popsicle Sticks/ Ice Cream Sticks together. Let it dryNow Paint it.

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